Thursday, June 29, 2017

Disneyland June 2017!

Mason has been obsessed with Mickey Mouse for the last few months, and when we got our tax return, we decided to fix our car, and take a trip to Disneyland! We actually were back and forth A LOT until right before we left. Seriously the night before we left is when I rented a rental car (our Highlander was in the shop getting the transmission rebuilt), booked a hotel, bought Disney tickets, and called my Aunt Sandi to see if we could crash at her house for a night! We picked up the rental car Sunday morning before church, went to church, finished packing and loading the car, and drove to Bakersfield!

We stayed the night with my best friend from high school, Katie, and her family. We love them!

Then we were off to Anaheim! We bought two-day, one park per day passes, got Mason a Happy Birthday button, and both boys first visit buttons!

We met up with Cody and his mom Kristi, his dad Carl, and his grandma, SueEllen. We spent the two days with them and it was so much fun! They have season passes so they let us kinda dictate what we wanted to do, then they finalized the plan and we followed! 

                                 We got to the hotel late that night and the boys crashed hard.

The next morning we were up and off to DISNEYLAND! We told Mason we were going to Mickey Mouse's house and he was so so so excited! Luke loved it too though, and kept pointing out the things he recognized!

We spent most of the first part of the day in Toon Town, then headed off to Small World, and some of the other Fantasyland rides.

We ran into my cousin Bryson and his family! Small world! We were excited to spend time with them at Sandi's house the next morning!

Kristi and Carl took off for a date night, so Sean and I took Mason and Cody on Splash Mountain while SueEllen hung out with Luke (who ate so much popcorn in that 48 hour period I'm surprised he didn't turn into a kernel). Then we split from them and finished out our night at the Carousel!

We got to Sandi's house late late that night, and the boys didn't even wake up when Sean moved them from the rental car. The next morning they were up bright and early (eye roll) so we had to try and keep them very quite while everyone else slept. We chatted with everyone during breakfast, and then hit the road back home! 

One last stop: ice cream! Mason was such a trooper in the car so we treated him. He also got to watch a movie on my phone, which I never let happen on road trips. But it had been such a whirlwind, crazy few days I made the exception. 

We had A BLAST! We already can't wait for our next trip, which I think we are planning for when Sean is out of school and passes his exam :) We love Disney!


  1. WOO HOO! Disneyland! So fun! Looks like you guys had a blast! Some day we've gotta go together!!