Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Pregnancy Update: 35 weeks

How many weeks?: 35 weeks (and 3 days)
Size of Baby: about the size of a swiss chard, about 6 lbs and 18-19 inches long 
5 weeks or less!!
Total weight gain/loss: 20ish 
Maternity Clothes?: Yep, or sweat pants. I go out in public in sweats more than I care to admit!

Sleeping?Here and there. The last week I've had a cold so I've been up with a sore throat, needing to drink water, which means I have more frequent trips to the bathroom. So fun. 
Worst Moment in the last 5 weeks: Being sick, again. This cold and flu season is the worst!! Also the swelling. Definitely not as bad as with Mason luckily, but if I'm on my feet too much I'm definitely puffy in the feet at the end of the day. 
Best Moment in the past 5 weeks: Umm... I have to think hard about this. The last week has been really rough! Oh! I had another ultrasound and everything looks great! And she's still a girl! Oh man is she cute! The tech did a 3D image and I can't believe how much she looks like Mason and Luke!
Miss anything?: being able to bend down and pick things up. Lately I've been lowering the computer chair as low as it will go and rolling around to help clean up toys lol! But hey, whatever works! Also I miss extended periods of time not peeing. And just in the last few days if I eat too much I feel like if I burp I'm going to have acid reflux, but that might partly be because of the mucus in my throat. Stinkin colds!!
Movement: She never stops! Okay that's not entirely true. But she moves around so much. But it's a good thing because it means everything is well.
Morning Sickness?: None!
Food Cravings: I found this recipe on pinterest last year that is popcorn with melted white chocolate and m&m's mixed in. That's been the latest craving. And when I make it, I eat way too much of it in a day. But it is soooo good!
Food Aversions: still no
Showing yet?: I'm humongous lol.
Gender: Girl!!
Labor signs: Braxton hicks have become more frequent still, a lot of times after I eat I'll have a couple, and then at night I'll have a few.
Moods: Still super short tempered and cranky, and now I'm super emotional. I made it through the fire episode of This Is Us without losing it too bad and I was so proud haha! But the littlest things make me sob. Mostly at the end of the day when I'm exhausted.
Not Looking Forward to: How much longer cold and flu season will last. Seriously. We might be hermits for the first month of her life. I do not want to deal with a tiny baby getting a cold or flu.
Looking Forward To: Having baby!! This will be my last update post until she comes! We are so excited, and ready, for her to be here. Just need her to stay in and hang out until pretty much my due date. Sean has his surgery rotation for 4 weeks starting Monday, and the week after my due date is an in class week (which are always a little easier schedule wise), and then his spring break! So timing would just be really good for her to come on time. Since I never went into labor with the other two, I'm betting she will come right around then.

Could she be any cuter?! I mean obviously yes, when she is here and doesn't look like play dough, she will be immensely cuter. But I die looking at this picture!!

So so tired lol.
Also, I took a pic yesterday that I looked even more tired in, but I had just eaten a gigantic lunch and looked even bigger. I didn't think it was a true representation of my size so I retook the picture just before posting this. Haha.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Luke: 2 years!

Lol as I was typing the post title, my fingers slipped and 32 appeared instead of 2. Very far away from that age still for this little guy! Heck, that's how old I will be in a couple months!!

Anyway, here is some of what our Luke-man is up to!

-popcorn and treats, and food in general (as long as it is something he likes)
-having us tell him colors and helping him count
-singing. He picks up songs so fast! It's cute hearing him walk around singing songs.
-reading books
-going potty on the big potty. The first time he asked to sit on the potty my reaction inside was "noooooooo!!!!" I JUST finished potty training Mason like 7 months ago! I don't want to do it again! But Luke thinks its fun and it is good practice so I let him sit on the potty when he wants. He had the flu the week leading up to his birthday and he started to recognize when he had to poop, and half the time instead of having a nasty diaper, it went into the potty. That was pretty great.
-obsessed with Cars (1, 2, and 3), and Thomas the Train.
-his favorite places are the park and the zoo. And Mason's preschool. I swear he would not notice if I left him there!

-when Mason steals toys from him
-when we won't let him steal toys from Mason (notice a pattern? lol)
-nursery. Oh man. This kid will not stay in there! It's been a real struggle
-new food; if he doesn't know what it is he will not eat it.

Other notables:
-finally cut his first canine in the last couple days of October, bottom left. Bottom right followed a few days later.
-his top canines came in the week after Thanksgiving
-he can scooter with the best of them! He loved his little scooter before it broke and was really fast. He got Mason's old scooter after Christmas and has already mastered it!
-Wearing some 3T clothes already!
-first haircut was in September! He was 21 months. Mason was 27ish months for his first haircut!
-super sweet, if you ask to trade toys with him he usually will. Also very good about saying please and thank you
-speaks really well and very clearly! I was looking back at Mason's two year post and there was a list of about 20 words for him that he mostly knew. But Luke is way past that. I can't even make a list because it would be forever long. He knows "on-ramp" and "off-ramp" and can use them correctly. He also loves telling us when he sees or we drive over a speed bump. We can already recognize 2-3 word sentences too. It's great being able to communicate well with him.
-mentioned this before, but he is a picky eater! He loves what he loves and will shovel that down, but there is a lot he won't touch. No bread (unless it is french toast), tortillas, cheese, hot dogs, scrambled eggs, or any other type of plain meat. He will eat soups and casseroles though no problem. He also loves noodles, and spaghetti is one of his favorites!
-at his 2 year check up, he was around 30 lbs and almost 36 inches tall! They didn't give me percentages unfortunately.

Since turning 2, this kid has developed quite the little attitude! Terrible twos kicked in full force! But we love him and love his little personality that is developing so quickly. Wonder how he will handle not being the baby in a couple months? We will see!!

And now for some pictures!

Oh man. This little guy melts my heart!


He wants to be a big kid so bad.

I can't believe how much he has changed in the last 6 months! 
(from summer to when I am posting this) 

My little bath baby!

Thinks he is so cool hanging out in the front seat and stealing my sunglasses..

Seriously. Obsessed with popcorn. 

He is also a food thief!

He loves being outside. He also loves grapes! For a while he would only eat them while he was riding in the grocery cart, but now he will eat them at home too. 

Loves his scooter! This one broke right after Thanksgiving

Lots of tackles on mommy while Mason has swim lessons

Loves food! Spaghetti and popsicles in these instances 

His hair was SO BLONDE! I hope it gets bleached that light again this summer!

Wearing brother's hat and playing with brother's toys

I can't remember if he was sick in these pictures or not. I think yes. 

Wacky Tacky! 

Loves the park, and loves hanging on the bars at the park

He also loves my dad :) 

He is a good sharer!

Both boys love making treats. Occasionally I am a fun mom and we make something together.

Nap time in our King City apartment. No black out curtains means I can get good pics of his weird sleeping positions!

Big kid swing!

Grandma spoils him with the beater :)

First haircut! I was so relieved not all the blonde went away. 

He fell at the park one day and scraped his face. That was a fun week and a half while it healed

Luke loves Mason and wants to be just like him lol!

He found Sean's socks and insisted on wearing them!

I think this is the last time he fell asleep on me at church.

Obsessed with pots and pans!

He played with toys at grandma and grandpa's but also played with the pots and pans. A lot. He was often found sitting right there on the counter while I cooked dinner, and he heard a lot of "DON'T TOUCH"  

This kid!! 

Why is mommy a jungle gym?

Wearing daddy's glasses

We had some beautiful (hot) park days in King City!

Why do they insist on doing grown up things? I love when they can't see where they are going (I'm only half sarcastic)

He LOVES dogs. Loves. 

And cats. This poor kitty took his "loves" really well

More stealing Mason's bike and helmet!

More outside time! 

He is such a cheeser! 

Story time with dad!

Playing at Mason's preschool

He was SO proud of himself for getting McQueen to actually be towed by Mater!

All the Christmas packages meant boxes galore. The boys loved making "boats" and running around.

Poor sickie with the flu!

On his birthday! Present time! And we switched his car seat to forward facing! He loves it! 

Opening gifts! He got different play food for our kitchen, Sarge from Cars, a BB8 helmet, the bike, new pajamas, and a few new books! 

He hasn't figured out how to pedal yet. I'm hopeful it will happen soon!

Cake and ice cream!

Oh yeah! An apron from Grandma J!

It was so fun having my parents come up! We did Christmas and Luke's birthday that day. We went to lunch at a pizza place a couple miles from our house, and Luke got a happy meal that he didn't eat because he was still recovering from the flu, and didn't have an appetite. 

That night we had some of our friends come over for more cake and ice cream. The boys built tracks and chased each other around :) 

We sure love this little goof ball!