Thursday, May 24, 2018

Salinas Valley Fair 2018

I don't know why, but it's hilarious to me that this is my third year in a row going to this fair. But that's the benefit of my parents living in the same town as the fair! Free lodging, and lots of help with the kiddos! Unfortunately, Sean had to stay behind again this year to study. Next year maybe?

As we drove south out of Gilroy, there was this cloud cover over Salinas. It was very ominous looking! Lol!

Sleepy baby! Sleeping in a new house had no impact on her sleep at all, which was so nice!

Friday morning, we went to Jenny's friends, the Black's, house, to meet their puppy, and go on a little walk! The boys were a little wary of the dogs at first, but quickly warmed up, and Mason got a kick out of throwing one of their dogs her toy. After our walk, the boys played cars while I nursed Cori. We then went home and took naps, and after naps, Mason just wanted to hug Aunt Jenny! <3 p="">

Then we went to the fair! This year was BY FAR the best fair year. Oh man! Mason was so brave. Like, no fear whatsoever. He went on every ride he was tall enough for multiple times! And Luke mustered up the courage to ride the few he was allowed to, and rode each a few times :) Mason's face after he got off each ride was priceless! He said his favorite was the giant slide, and Luke said his favorite was the dragon roller coaster. Which is hilarious, because he hated it lol. Also, pony ride and wristbands courtesy of Grandma Jones. Thanks Mom!!

The Amgen Bike Tour was in CA this past week, and one of the days they stopped and rode around Salinas Valley. The fair had a contest where people could decorate a bike tire. This was the winner! Made from all bike parts. I love it! 

We spent the rest of the weekend at my parents. On Saturday morning, Katie and Alex came up to meet baby Cori! We lazed around on Saturday, and went to church Sunday.

Literally, Katie has been a godsend with this little girl! Her carseat, car seat cover, nursing cover, and half her clothes came from this amazing mama. Love you Katie!

Wearing Grandpa's hat!

Cuddles with Grandpa!

It's so nap time... this was mid tantrum.

Milk drunk before we drove away Monday morning.

Everyone slept the second half of the drive. It was marvelous!!

Thanks Mom, Dad, and Jenny for a super fun weekend! Love you!

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Sean's 30th Birthday!

Happy birthday Sean! My honey is finally in the same decade as me again lol! I'm two years older, but it doesn't bother me anymore, because whenever anyone asks us how old we are, I just let Sean answer first and then people assume I'm the same age!! Haha!

For Sean's birthday this year, I wanted to make it special. But of course, kids got sick that week. So no cake was made, and I didn't get to make the meal I usually make on his birthday (spinach and sausage stuffed shells), so I had some major improvising to do! All in all, I think his birthday turned out really well! Love you Sean!

Two of his presents: a new dress shirt, and one of those beard hair catcher things that suctions onto the mirror. His reaction was hilarious: "is this a gift for you or for me??" I answered, "Can't it be both?!" Lol! His other present was a California t-shirt. 

Sean got off early on his birthday, which was a surprise to both of us. He texted me that he was on the train on the way home after I had only blown up like 10 balloons!! I sent him back a text that said "CRAP I'm not ready!" But of course he didn't get it, he was on the train. So when he got home I yelled, "Don't come in!!!" And then I made him close his eyes while I put his bike away, and made him walk into our room and close the door while I finished. Then I hung the balloon strings, and made him close his eyes again, crawl underneath them, then stand up, turn around and open his eyes lol. Guys I'm such a good wife.

Birthday surprise: 30 balloons, and each one had a slip of paper with something family/friends love about Sean! He popped each one and got to read them :)

Delicious salmon, rice and asparagus for dinner!

Cheesecake (from the dessert section of the grocery store) because, again, sick kids means I don't have time to make a cake. Sorry Sean! He wasn't disappointed though!

And, for posterity's sake, heres the 30 things we love about Sean!

1.   I love to play with Daddy! -Luke
2.   I love that he is a kid at heart! –Jenny
3.   He has great facial hair! –Bryce
4.   He’s good at impregnating Hayley ;) also he’s a smarty pants! –Carly
5.   I love that he loves rock climbing! –Tim
6.   I love his work ethic and sense of humor! –Hannah
7.   He’s humble and great at keeping me humble by shoving it in my face with the greatest intention of love :) -Cameron
8.   He loves Hayley. He’s a loving dad. He’s got a sense of humor, all be it a little warped (but that’s okay cause he fits right in). He’s strong and athletic. He’s smart. He’s very likeable. He’s got a strong testimony. He honors his priesthood. –Elise
9.   He will always be the one to find out the how and why behind things in class. He is always willing to go be fat with me and eat all the things. – Morrell
10. I love his hugs and kisses! –Mason
11. I love his tender heart. Also, his sense of humor and his sense of ridiculous! -Jenna
12. I love that he’s stronger than he looks. And his regal nose. And that he will actually sit on someone after threatening them! –Ian
13. I love his curly hair and that he is a very good dad, and that he loves the Lord. He is conscientious. I love to hear him giggle. –Mom
14.  I love that he’s an honorable father and priesthood holder. –Dad
15.  Sean is quirky and funny and plays guitar. –Wayne
16.  I love how Sean immediately welcomed me into the family when I married Ian. –Becca
17.  I love Sean because he is so funny! –Eve
18.  I love the face you pull when I say something really weird and it catches you off guard and makes you laugh!
19.  I love your thirst for knowledge.
20.  I love that you can fix so many things (or BS a solution)!
21.  I love how much you love me, our kids, and our families.
22. You are musical AND athletic, which pretty much was my dream guy for forever J
23. Your goal since we got married has been how to best provide for our family
24.  You aren’t afraid do slap whip cream in the face of someone who needs and deserves it ;)
25.  I love your dad jokes (let’s face it, that’s what they are); they always make me laugh and I love watching you tell them!
26. You’re my favorite road trip buddy! Someday we will do Disney again and have some time just for the two of us there. We will also find time/ways to get to all the other places we want to visit, I promise!
27. You go along with my crazy sewing/craft ideas, even if I sit on them for months.
28. I’m grateful for all the times you comfort me, but also grateful that I am able to comfort you too (I hope!)
29.  I love your blue eyes and curly hair!
30.  Thank you for being a worthy priesthood holder, for loving the Lord, and loving me! You are the BEST!

(And Katie added, "He's a great spider killer when they're located on the ceiling that small, short people can't reach! I love that!")

Cori: 2 months!

Our sweet girl is growing fast! We love her!

-mama :)
-taking baths
-her playmat
-being upright looking at things

-getting out of the bath
-onesies being put over her head
-when mommy eats peanuts/dairy/chocolate/skittles

Other notables:
-started acid reflux medicine a few days after she turned 1 month
-except for about one night a week, she has been sleeping at least 8 hours at night every night since about 5 weeks. It is absolutely glorious!
-started smiling at about 4.5 weeks!
-at her 2 month checkup, she was 12 lbs and 22.75 inches (82% and 67%)
-she did NOT react well to the oral rotavirus vaccination (taken orally)
-I'm going to have to start moving her to 3 month clothes!

Both boys are still so smitten with her! I don't blame them!

First smiles!

This blanket was made by a lady in our ward who passed away last fall. Apparently they found a ton of blankets she had made to give out to babies born in the ward! 
<3 back="" loves="" me="" p="" righton="" says="" the="" ward="">

They always ask to cuddle with her!

Loves baths, and is getting some rolls!!

Tummy time with her loving and doting brothers :D

She takes most of her naps in the swing

They loooooove her! 

Sammy and Ben stopped by for a visit and to meed Cori! 


Baby yawns amiright!! Also she was totally grinning for Mason in the left pic

Play mat!

When daddy changes diapers!

Smiley baby!

Real life Cori doll! Cries, sleeps, and poops, just like a real baby!

Strawberry outfit provided by Katie :) 

Dressing a girl is so fun!

It is hard to keep her brothers out of the mat...

I didn't feed her fast enough...

"Aunt Katie, I'm ready for Disneyland!" (Onesie provided by Katie)
Also she has gotten even chubbier in the face! Slow down baby girl!

2 months old!! We love you Cori Grace!