Friday, October 27, 2017

Pregnancy Update: 15 and 20 weeks!

Baby Parker #3 is on it's way! We are so excited for this new addition to our family. Mason keeps asking how the baby in my tummy is doing, and is it coming out yet? Not yet kiddo, not til March! I haven't thought too much about what my life will be like with 3 littles running around, because mostly I've been distracted living in King City for 8 out of the last 10 weeks. I know that it will all work out though! Here are my pregnancy updates for 15 and 20 weeks!

15 weeks:
How many weeks?: 15 weeks (and 5 days). My due date got moved up 3 days. I would have done this on my 15 week day but I didn't know I was 15 weeks, and then everybody got the flu. Yuck.
Size of Baby: about the size of an apple, about 2.5 oz and about 4 inches long 
Brand new state, brand new doctor, so I don't know if he will induce me or make me go to 40 (or more, yikes!) weeks. I will protest being pregnant longer than 40 weeks though! So we will just say 25 weeks left and hope for the best.
Total weight gain/loss: I've kept an even weight so far! Of course, since Luke nursed until I got pregnant with this one, I never lost all my pregnancy weight from him. I was always. so. hungry. 
Maternity Clothes?: 
Oh yeah. At like 12 weeks I was wishing for my maternity garment bottoms, and the first thing we did after we got back to Sacramento from King City (the first time) was go get my maternity clothes out of storage. Those garment bottoms are a LIFESAVER. Most of the shirts are still a little big though, so I'm still wearing my baggy shirts I've been wearing for a year to hide my nursing belly.
Energy Levels: I felt really nauseous from about 11am til bed time this pregnancy, starting at 4.5 weeks. So I never wanted to do anything but obviously had to because, you know, kids need food.
Exercise Habits: Off and on, I would say so far I've averaged about 3 workouts a week. About a month before I got pregnant I signed up with Daily Burn, which was awesome, and then all-day sickness hit. So I think 3 exercise sessions a week is pretty good! There was like 2.5 weeks where I had a cold and didn't really exercise, and then this last week when we have all had a stomach bug I haven't worked out. Dang summer sicknesses!
Sleeping?I sleep really well until about 5am, when I have to get up and go to the bathroom. Then it's iffy if I can get back to sleep.
Worst Moment so far: The flu this week for sure. Throwing up suuuuuucks. I also had a tiny bit of spotting that lasted a few days so I called my dr and they told me to go to the ER, so I got to hang out at the King City ER for a few hours one day. But on the plus side, I got an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay, which was the first ultrasound I'd had for this pregnancy so it wasn't all bad :)
Best Moment in the past 2 weeks: coming into my second trimester and my all-day sickness melting away! It was a glorious week, and then we all got the stupid stomach bug..
Miss anything?: not really yet. I haven't really craved any foods yet, and I kind of miss craving something and then having the satisfaction of eating it. Is that weird? Lol
Movement: None yet!
Morning Sickness?: uh yeah. Aside from the stomach bug this week, I have only thrown up twice this pregnancy.
Food Cravings: like I mentioned, no. Nothing really jumps out at me as like "EEEEAAAAT MEEE"
Food Aversions: not really. nothing really ever sounds appetizing, so I'll just cook a normal meal and then as I'm eating it, it tastes good, but while I'm cooking I'm slightly appalled that I am preparing that meal, even though I know it's going to be good. This pregnancy has been really really weird haha.
Showing yet?: Oh yeah. I feel like I started showing the minute the pregnancy test showed up positive.
Gender: No idea! My doctor tried to look at my appointment on Monday, but he couldn't really get a good shot and said "It's too early to tell." I'm guessing boy though.
Labor signs: None.
Moods: Tired and short tempered.
Not Looking Forward to: at this point there is nothing I'm not looking forward to. Maybe the glucose test? I'm not really dreading anything yet. Cold and flu season??
Looking Forward To: finding out the gender! My appointment is October 26th! Also, Sean's brother and his wife are due about 6 weeks before we are with their 3rd, and first little boy, so it will be fun to have two cousins so close in age on that side!

 15 weeks

20 weeks
How many weeks?: 20 weeks as of October 22nd
Size of Baby: About the size of an onion: 5.5 inches, 5 oz
Countdown: about 20 weeks to go! Or hopefully less!
Total weight gain/loss:  Haven't weighed myself yet honestly, but I am guessing up between 5-10 lbs.
Maternity Clothes?: yes! Garment bottoms for sure, incorporating tops, and loving the pants! I just discovered one of my non-maternity pairs of jeans that still fit and don't cut into my stomach but they slide down so it's a win-lose situation with those haha.
Energy Levels: Pretty good! I can usually make it through the day without needing a nap, and sometimes not even feeling like I need one.
Exercise Habits: I feel like I'm doing really well! The last month while we were in King City, I walked almost every day for 45 minutes, and then did squats or lunges, and pushups. If I couldn't get a walk in I would do a Daily Burn workout.
Sleeping?: I've had more insomnia this pregnancy than my other two. It takes a while to fall back asleep sometimes.
Worst Moment in the past 5 weeks: Not getting as much sleep as I want at night because I can't fall back asleep
Best Moment in the past 5 weeks: Feeling baby move, and having Sean feel baby too!
Miss anything?: Breathing normally lol! I got winded the other day loading the groceries from my cart to the conveyer belt! But that's pregnancy for you!
Movement: Yep! Not super strong yet but it's there. I feel like this kid is more calm than my first two.
Morning Sickness?: Not anymore thank goodness!
Food Cravings: Still no cravings. It's so weird!
Food Aversions: Nothing really, also weird for me!
Showing yet?: Oh yeah! Haha I don't try to hide it anymore!
Gender: We find out on the 26th of October!
Labor signs: None
Moods: I get pretty cranky and frustrated pretty fast. Not my best pregnancy quality...
Not Looking Forward to: the glucose test. I know it's not that bad but man that's a lot of sugar in 5 minutes
Looking Forward To: Gender ultrasound!!

Me at 20 weeks!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Summer 2017

I love doing these seasonal posts. It helps me sum up life briefly, and I'm sure it will be fun to look back on the fun memories from when these boys were little! Plus doing it by season is so much less overwhelming than monthly!

Our summer started off at the happiest place on earth, Disneyland! And then right after we got back, the Blackham's visited. Both those events have their own posts :) so picking up after that, here we go!

Luke likes to tackle...

Mason took two different soccer classes this spring/summer. He LOVED it. 

Nothing is safe when the baby gate to the kitchen gets left open. At one point he had 4 Coke cans stacked on top of one another. I was impressed!

We cleaned off our porch and sprayed Raid everywhere. It has done a REALLY good job keeping spiders away!

Chalk art and bike rides are a common occurrence around here. 

Lots of park play dates! The best is that they happen year round!

Movie night!

"Mom! I need to get off. Take my piscure!"

Ugh this cutie!!

Two little monkeys jumping in the crib!

This kid. So little and wants to be so big! Sometimes he thinks he is bigger than he is (i.e. sitting on the back of the couch like big brother, only to fall off backwards). Sometimes we forget his age because he is so big!  

We had a fun 4th of July this year! We went to our ward's pancake breakfast, came home and swam and had a BBQ with friends, then of course nap time while I made delicious treats to take to a dessert potluck, and then the Toone's for said potluck and fireworks! Mason actually held a sparkler! Aaaaaaand now I'm craving that white chocolate covered popcorn with M&M's mixed in. I freakin love Pinterest.

Monkey see monkey do!

Another "take my piscure!"

When you have to get the stroller to the car but they insist on riding...

Swimming with friends!

TONS of butterflies around! It's been fun to teach Mason about the different things we see around our complex: how butterflies and bees eat nectar from the flowers, spiders spinning webs, etc...

My cousin (technically first cousin once removed) is serving his mission in Sacramento! I thought there was no way I would ever run into him, the area is pretty big, but lo and behold! One p-day at Walmart I managed to run into him! Way to go Elder Hammond!

Mason took swimming lessons, and Luke got to play at the park!

Park fun while daddy played soccer with friends from school

We love when Uncle Cameron comes to visit! The boys were obsessed! We took him to the zoo, and read lots of books.

My parents came up to hang out with Mason a few days after his birthday, and we all went swimming!

Mason built this: "look guys, my rocket ship!"

Reading with daddy

I sure love living so close to the river! We love going on walks and throwing rocks into the water!

Big helper boys!

More swimming lessons and park after.

Gahhh these two cute brothers!!!

Lets eat daddy's food and watch what he's watching!

He who doesn't want to nap, falls asleep in the car. Every time.

Cute magic show at the library! Mason thought it was hilarious!

He has loved learning his letters, and loves playing with his letter puzzle. He comes up with all sorts of ways to use the letters, like lining them up 

Seriously. Love them and love where we live! The grounds at our place are sooo nice!

Swim lesson selfies! Mason did two sessions back to back. It was a long month of lessons but SO worth it!

We love this splash park!

"K boys lets go to the pool!"
"Look Mom! We made a bed!"


Wacky Tacky always hits the fun spot!

My little goofs!

Hiding at home depot!

Mason's first trip to the dentist. They got about 60% of the x-rays they are supposed to get, and Mason refused to let them clean his teeth with the machine, so the hygienist cleaned his teeth manually, but Mason only let him do the bottom half. Oh well. No cavities!

When he falls asleep on his own for a nap!

We headed down to King City August 14 this year, and spent 4 weeks there for Sean's first rotation. The boys LOVE taking baths in my parent's tub! Snapchat courtesy of my sister.

Helping Grandma!

Took some 4 year old pictures of Mason. Love his little personality! 
Then Aunt Jenny wanted to hop in too :)

First day of rotations!

Tried to push Luke to the park and have Mason scooter. Nope.

Mason finally got comfortable (most of the time) around the dogs. Jenny was a huge help with that!

My boys take care of me lol

Luke learned how much fun it is to feed the dogs!

Making cupcakes!

Love my cheesers!

First haircut!!

Lots of walks in KC, and trips to the park, where there are horses at the neighboring fairgrounds!

Wants to be just like his brother!

First ultrasound of baby! I had some extremely light spotting that lasted about a week, on and off, while we were down there, and my doctor told me to go to the ER just to make sure everything was okay. They did an ultrasound and everything was great! Look at that little nugget!!

"Mom! I built a pillow house!"

Card games. This kid's poker face is kinda strong!

Labor Day was spent at Morro Bay! Always a favorite! Thanks to my mom for paying for Sean and I to go kayaking, and watching the boys for us!

Mason crawled into my lap to cuddle and next thing I knew, he was totally asleep. He slept that day from 4-6:30, then went to bed at 8!

Back in King City! Traditional end-of-quarter celebratory Costa Vida! One more year to go!

Made my salsa. Yummm! So good!

Bought those little window clings for the boys. Seriously worth the entire $0.99 I spent!


Little helpers!

One of our last days in Sacramento for the two weeks we were back. Playing with RC cars!