Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Luke 15 months!

I can't believe how fast time is flying! Luke is constantly on the go, he never slows down! It definitely helps that he can chase Mason around!

-walking, running, dancing, moving around in any way
-walking to the car on his own. No carrying for him!
-picking up rocks
-giving high fives and fist bumps
-soup (preferably chicken noodle or vegetable beef)
-throwing food on the ground
-he LOVES dogs and follows them instead of me when he sees them
-being outside
-climbing things

-when I won't nurse him immediately when he wants (we are working on not nursing all the time but he's been SO SICK off and on since his birthday that we still nurse quite a bit)
-getting buckled into his carseat. It's akin to wrestling an alligator
-when he doesn't get his way, or Mason takes a toy from him. He's mastering the scream of discontent

Other notables
-2/8/17 first yogurt! This is a HUGE deal! From me not being able to eat any dairy, to him being able to eat yogurt? Miraculous! I was so relieved when he didn't react at all to it!
-2/23/17 I found his bottom two eye teeth
-3/13/2017 I found his top left molar
-3/20/2017 first time eating ice cream and he LOVED it!
-3/24/2017 I found his top right molar
-we survived his first stomach bug in March. It sucked big time
-still not sleeping through the night most nights. Ugh it is so hard. He did 3 nights in the last 10 days of March (and then we got colds again).
-still can't have straight milk. He gets a rash within 24 hours. One day right?
-says mama, dada, I love you (sometimes), and shakes his head "no" for yes and no. He also signs please, more and all done!
-loves when we sing and does the actions to most of the songs we do regularly
-he is the most rough-and-tumble kid and ALWAYS has a cut or bump! Is this a second child thing or just a Luke thing because he is fiercely independent??

We are only 3 months from nursery and I am SO EXCITED!! Oh man I can't wait until he goes. He is so busy on Sunday's. And he usually falls asleep during third hour because church starts at nap time.

Literally climbs everything

Fell asleep in church. Like, every week this happens

Children's museum!

Bath time with brother

Walks to and from the car

Comfortable? I sure wasn't

One of the many cuts

If the baby gate to the kitchen gets left open, this is what I usually find

Next cut... this came from the park, he crawled under a slide and stood up where he was too tall.

So proud of his climbing! Every time.

Love my little goober! 

Feeding himself yogurt! Mason never would have done this

Giving him the marshmallow bag was the only way he was happy this particular trip...

Loves sitting in brothers booster seat!

The first rock he found! Heart eyes!

Thinks he's big enough for his own juice box

Poured his own cereal

He LOVES Mickey Mouse, but I think by default because Mason is obsessed.

Ice Cream!

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Hayley's 31st Birthday!

Honestly, it started out like any other day, kids crawling into bed at 7am haha. But it was also General Conference day, and I was really looking forward to that! We finally rolled out of bed at around 8 and I started making birthday/conference waffles.

We ate and started watching conference, and then about 3/4 of the way through the first session there was a knock at the door! I opened it and it was my mom and dad!! They drove up from Soledad to surprise me for my birthday!! I was completely shocked and so happy to see them! Mason and Luke were super happy too!

Snapchat for the entertaining win!


After the first session, we went to Boudin SF for lunch, and then picked up a cake from Nothin' Bundt Cakes in Sacramento. Both were delish!

Then we headed home for the second session of conference. Luke refused to nap, and instead wanted to spend some quality time with Grandma and Grandpa Jones!

I gotta remember to keep the salt and pepper out of his reach...

After the second session ended, we drove out to Mason's soccer class, and Grandma and Grandpa came too!

Now here is where the adventure starts. We left soccer and stopped at a gas station really quick to take Mason to the bathroom (because potty training), and so I could go too. (Sick=lots of fluids=lots of bathroom trips.) Well I ended up leaving my phone in the bathroom at the gas station. It was seriously less than 5 minutes later, and I jumped out of the car and ran across a few lanes of traffic at a stop light to go get it, but it was gone. How dumb could I be?? We tried Find My iPhone from Sean's phone and someone had already shut it off. So I left a note at the counter of the gas station just in case someone found it, and we drove to the Verizon store to see what could be done. We had an upgrade available so that was lucky, but since we didn't have the old phone we would still have to pay that one off. Ugh. So after the Verizon store we went to the mall across the street to get a phone cover and screen protector thing. After I found one I liked, we bought the game Set as my birthday present, and then we went to dinner at the food court. We were headed back to the car when Sean got a call; someone had brought my phone back! We picked it up and decided to come home, back up the old phone, restore everything to my new phone, and we will turn the old one in on Monday and put whatever credit we get from it toward our bill. All in all, a very emotional day, with a lot of very fun ups, and one seriously stressful down haha. Hopefully this next year isn't as crazy as today was!!

Thanks for coming Mom and Dad! Best surprise ever!

P.S. In case anyone is wondering I got the 128G rose gold iPhone 7 ;)