Monday, January 1, 2018

Pregnancy Update: 30 weeks

How many weeks?: 30 weeks (and 1 day)
Size of Baby: about the size of a large cabbage, about 3 lbs and about 15.5 inches long 
Hopefully just 10 weeks left!
Total weight gain/loss: I think about 15 lbs now?? 
Maternity Clothes?: Always. Living in sweats, and maternity jeans when I leave the house (sometimes).

Exercise Habits: Not so great the last few weeks. We've been sick with colds and then influenza so I haven't been doing much of anything. So not good!
Sleeping?Getting better, I am falling asleep faster when I wake up in the middle of the night so that's good. 
Worst Moment in the last 5 weeks: Being sick. It really took a toll on me and I feel like I can't catch up!
Best Moment in the past 5 weeksI hit the point in pregnancy where my leg hair pretty much stops growing. It's the best! It happened with my first two as well lol. I literally only have to shave my legs once a month pretty much!
Miss anything?: breathing normally. Sean misses that too; the other day he told me, "I hate your pregnant breathing, I can't tell if you're mad or not!" Apparently my pregnant breathing sounds like my mad breathing.
Movement: All the time! She's still not as mean as her brothers were, her movements are more frequent but more gentle than theirs.
Morning Sickness?: Not anymore!
Food Cravings: lately, the only one has been Safeway's blueberry muffins. They are so. good.
Food Aversions: still no
Showing yet?: oh yeah, I'm getting very round!
Gender: Girl!!
Labor signs: Braxton hicks have become more frequent, but not consistent at all
Moods: Same as before, tired and short tempered. Nothing has changed here in the last few weeks. My poor boys and husband.
Not Looking Forward to: Being out of breath, and I'm losing more and more range of motion as far as bending over goes. It hurts to bend over and it's gonna get worse!
Looking Forward To: Getting out of cold and flu season, and the next ultrasound! Love seeing that baby girl!!

30 weeks and 1 day. Also I love this shirt. It's so comfy! Also my hair is nutso. Eye roll emoji.

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Christmas 2017

We had a marvelous Christmas season this year! We set up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, and the boys loved every minute of decorating. They also loved our chocolate advent calendars we got them, surprise surprise! It was fun to see Mason grasp the concept of "days left until..." this year! They did really good leaving the tree, ornaments and presents alone! We met Santa a couple times and watched a lot of Christmas movies. Our favorites were Muppet Christmas Carol, and Mickey's Once Upon and Twice Upon A Christmas. We also listened to a lot of the Muppet Christmas Carol soundtrack, Raffi's Christmas Album, The Chipmunks Christmas Albums, and the kid songs from the Dr. Demento Christmas CD. Favorite songs of theirs are Jingle Bells, Frosty the Snowman, Up On The Housetop, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas, and of course, Marley and Marley from Muppet Christmas Carol. Even Luke is learning the words! He usually shouts the last word of each line of the songs. It's so cute! We spent Christmas Day at home in Sacramento, recouping from Mason and I having influenza the week before. No fun, but we managed to survive and still have a really nice Christmas!

Forgot to rotate this. Whoops. But this was the only homemade Christmas I did this year. These were for my best friend Katie's daughters. They are the same ages as my boys. And they always match!! It was so fun to make these for them. Big shout out to the worker at Joann's on Black Friday night that answered all my questions about sewing jersey fabric!

They love the tree and had so much fun putting decor on! I, on the other hand, am apparently OCD and spent the next 4 weeks rearranging!

Thank you SnapChat for the fun fitlers!

Mason wanted to help. Notice I had to correct his cutting line?? Oh well. Practice makes perfect!
Oh and every time new presents appeared, he got SO excited when he noticed them!

We went on a train ride to see Santa! Hagen Park in Rancho Cordova has a little steam train that is run by some train association here! It was $5/person to ride, and we got to meet Santa at the end! We took pics with him, but didn't want to pay for the USB drive, so we took a pic of the screen. Well, our sweet friends we were with bought our drive for us! So we got good copies of our Santa pictures :) Thanks Toone's! The boys LOVED riding the train, and apparently during the summer it's free, so we will be doing that definitely!

Ward Christmas party, some of the primary kids watching the live entertainment!

It wouldn't be Christmas without cookies! I made over 4 dozen sugar, 4 dozen chocolate snow drop, and 3 dozen peppermint chocolate chip cookies to deliver to friends and neighbors! I also did white chocolate covered popcorn with red and green M&M's for teacher gifts! As we were sick the week and a half before Christmas, some didn't get delivered for a couple days after. But that's okay!

Helping frost cookies! I had to help Luke get the frosting on, and helped with the sprinkles. Then he licked the frosting off his cookies. Mason did good on his own, and enjoyed eating the cookies after, and then finishing off Luke's! So gross but oh well. 

Once during a devotional, President Monson mentioned he read Charles Dicken's "The Christmas Carol" every year at Christmas. I got a copy a few years ago and decided to ready it this Christmas! These two passages from Marley's visit stood out to me! It's also fun watching all the different movie versions and seeing what is exactly from the book!

We skipped church on Christmas Eve since we were all sick and so very, very tired. But we managed a good meal! Lamb, ranch roasted potatoes, broccoli, green beans, and Rhodes rolls!

Stockings and the tree after Santa came! We all got a little container of cereal, and Mason and Luke each got a book, stickers, and a new Mickey Mouse shirt. Mason got a Cruz Ramirez car and binoculars, and Luke got a Cruz Ramirez and Mater cars. Luke's Santa gift was kitchen stuff for our toy kitchen, and Mason got a new scooter! Well sort of...

Turns out, I wasn't paying close enough attention when I was ordering gifts on Black Friday, and I bought a full on adult size scooter. Whoops! Mason was seriously so good about it though, and after I read him the note he said, "Yeah, that's not a Lightning McQueen scooter." Also, in our favor, the one we got was damaged, so we can take it back for a full refund. Hallelujah!! We ordered just the normal Razor scooter from Target today and Mason saw the picture and said "Yep, that's good!"

Santa also brought our family Cars 3! The boys were so happy!

Mason and his stocking stuff! He LOVES this book. My parents have the copy we read when we were kids, and we read it probably 6 times a day when we were down there. We bought a copy for my friend's daughter for her birthday in September, and I secretly bought a second copy for Mason, so when he pulled it out he gasped and said "it's just like Claire's book!" Sharp memory kid! 

The only good stocking pic I got of Luke. He woke up after Mason did, and when he came out, he saw Mason's Cruz car and tried to take it. When Mason pulled it away, Luke started sobbing until I sat him down and put his stocking in front of him and had him reach in. His sobs stopped immediately when he saw his own Cruz and Mater! He hasn't let them out of his sight since!

We played with gifts while breakfast cooked, and then watched Cars 3 while we ate! The boys were so content, Sean was the one that was impatient! He finally turned off the movie and Facetimed his parents so we could open gifts in front of them. 

The boys got A LOT of different Cars books, a couple puzzles, stuffed hippos (they got a hippopotamus for Christmas), and this awesome teepee from my sister in law! Her work sells them and was discontinuing this model so she got it for a GREAT price! Sean got a new french cuff white dress shirt, a new tie, new dress socks, a Random Facts book, and Elder Bednar's new book. I got a 16x20 print of the Timpanogos Temple for our living room, and a new dress that will be great for nursing! And we went to Target the day after to get me a few new clothes too. We wanted to go before Christmas but we were too sick! Oh I also ordered myself a Sonicare toothbrush on Black Friday, but I've been using it for a couple weeks. Love it! 

Christmas Dinner smoothies :)

We had such a merry Christmas and love being together as a family. Now we are looking forward to celebrating Luke's birthday and the new year, and praying for health and a healthy happy baby girl!!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Fall 2017 Part 2

And here's the rest of our fall...
Somehow these didn't make it into the last post and I'm too lazy to switch it haha! Eating snacks with Aunt Jenny, who is also wiping runny noses. And monkeys in a tree!

Zoo days! We renewed our membership when we got back and as always, it's a hit!

When Mom has a dr appointment and you have to wait for-ev-er... 

Walks around the complex, watching a house be built!

Family date night at the temple!

More zoo with friends!

More children's museum!

"Mom! It's a boat!"

Visits with Joel and Henry are always fun! Love me some Sammy time!

We got back from my walk one day and the garbage truck was there. So we watched!

These three buds!

Fall sunset

Sometimes when we get back to our apartment complex, I get them out of their seatbelts and we drive once around the parking lot. They think it is the best!

Mason started preschool the Monday after Thanksgiving! It's been an adjustment, but I love it. No more endless TV during Luke's naps! 

It also wears him out though!

Most days, we stay after and play on the playground for 15 minutes or so, and we usually get there early enough they can play too.

Made this blanket for a friend of mine's baby girl! I love love love how it turned out!

More playing before school

Sean sent me this one morning a couple weeks ago. They like watching the Fantasia numbers

Mason went to his friend's birthday party! They played toys, decorated gingerbread houses and Santa's, and ate yummy pizza and cupcakes!

More boat fun! 

One of those "I might kill my kids so please meet me at the play place with your kid!" days...

Mason's first craft he brought home from school! I've been waiting for this day!

They just really like sitting in that tree.. 

I made a bunch of popcorn for our primary kids after they finished their program.


Dad makes a great chair

"Dad, hold my hand please?"

This is what they look like for my walks in the mornings. It's usually 50 degrees or less!

 Adults only Christmas party! Love my forever date :)
And he kissed me under the mistletoe that night! Swoon! 

We watched our friend's kids while they went to the Nutcracker. They were all watching Cars 3 for the first time and were hooked!!