Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Winter 2017

A whole slew of pictures to describe our winter! 
(We were sick A LOT but still managed to do some fun things!)

Lovely artwork by Mason (eye roll)

He likes it when I make a fort out of Luke's crib

Sean and I cut my hair! I love it!

Sacramento Children's Museum - my mom got us a pass for Christmas! 

We went for a very chilly walk one day. The river is so high from all the rain we got!

Cute boys in the bath!

He loves BB8!

And anteaters! We found this shirt for $1.50 at our local thrift store. Perfect condition and he loves it!

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More children's museum fun! 

That's baby powder. Half a bottle's worth. ALL OVER. 

We took a trip to DI and found the couch and chair for $85 for both!

These boys just love each other!

Mason was super proud of this!

Mason's hiding in the blanket and I'm pretty sure Sean is asleep.

We spent 2/3 of January and half of February with colds off and on. Then the week before spring we all got the stomach bug. It was awful!!

One year apart. Love them!

Love them more! Mason also NEVER wore pants this winter. Not even to church! He refuses. So he gets to wear shorts. But I found an article about how Prince George doesn't get to wear shorts until he is 12 or something like that because it's tradition so Mason is just trying to be like his buddy Georgey.

We took a trip to Wacky Tacky (and got colds 3 days later). 

More zoo trips. 

Went for a walk while Mason scootered around. He had a great time!

Park day with my boys!

Lizzie wasn't sure about Luke being so close to her but she likes me!

Aunt Vicki is AWESOME and the most patient person in the world to let these boys roll out their own cookie dough, and then frost their own cookies! 

Sister-cousins! Gosh I'm glad we live closer now!

Starting him helping with the laundry 

I just really love my boys!

We babysat our friends kids. The boys room was a mess after but it was fun!

My Valentine's Day treat I made! White chocolate covered popcorn with M&M's! 
Doing this again at Easter for sure!

Birthday party at Wacky Tacky! Mason got his face painted!

Happy 5 year anniversary to us! We went out for sushi on our actual anniversary, and then my mom came into town and watched the boys while we went climbing. Then we went to Target that night and bought lots from their clearance racks haha.

We got Valentines cards in the mail from Sean's family. Mason picked off the stickers and put them on his face. Those were the stickers that spelled "LOVE"

More zoo! And I caved and we rode the train!

We did a sitter swap with a family in our ward. They watched our boys while we went to the temple and then we watched their kids while they went! It was a fun day!

We went to visit my parents. Luke LOVES my dad!

The hills are SO GREEN RIGHT NOW

Pretty views after church

I was pretty proud of this train track I made!

IHOP with friends for free pancakes!

Zoo again :)

We watched Mason's friend from church, Orrin, and they did so well together!
Not kidding. I got SO much done while they played!

Dancing to singing in the rain

We took a trip to Bakersfield (more on that later) and Luke didn't leave Sean's side after we got home!

Mason hung these dinos from our baby gate. I laughed so hard when I found them!

Playing with playing cards, the little sneak 

First day of soccer! 

I love Sunbeams! And the fun things Mason makes! 

Finally read this! It was so fun!!!!!