Sunday, July 16, 2017

Mason is 4!!

This last year with Mason has been such a joy, along with some stressful moments because "threenager". He has turned into a fun and loving big brother, a great helper, and a big kid. He wants to help with a lot of things, and is growing the biggest heart. He loves to take popsicles to friends, or cookies to the missionaries, just to name a couple things. Here are a few fun facts about our favorite four year old!

Favorite color: Orange
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite dessert: Cookies
Favorite movie: Moana (in the last year we've gone from Dragons to Star Wars Force Awakens to 101 Dalmations to Goofy Movie to Singing in the Rain to his current fave)
Favorite show: Currently, Mickey and the Beanstalk, and those old Mickey cartoons (thank you Netflix!) In the last year we've gone through Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Mickey and the Roadster Racers, and Magic School Bus
Favorite activity: I just asked him this question and his answer is "to fix things" haha! I would answer though that his favorite thing to do is play with friends at the park, and swim.
Favorite place to visit: his answer "to see Cody" :) he loves going to the zoo, the pool, and visiting friends.
Height: 41.5 inches
Weight: almost 40 pounds
Likes: helping mom and dad, puzzles, making cookies, reading books, learning his letters (mostly the crafts I do with him), riding his bike and scooter, and singing.

We love our Mason! For his birthday, we hung out at home and kept it kind of low key. Then the next weekend, Grandma and Grandpa Jones came to visit, and then a few days later we had a birthday party for him at the park with friends!

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Mason from the last year, and his birthday celebrations :)

He was so timid a year ago, and afraid to try new things. Also this picture makes me laugh because we went to that same splash park the other day and LUKE is wearing the swim trunks Mason is wearing in this picture!!

Doting big brother, sometimes overkill lol

Loves all things "big", so if it's not a kid toy he wants it to be his. 
Side note, can't find that headlamp. Hah.

Loves his cousins!

He's a little OCD. He made sure all the Hershey kisses were upright.

Climbs where no toddler should climb, and is always super proud of himself. Man he has gotten so much taller since last summer!

Always on the move! Always...

Loves cars

And loves being with friends/family!

He will not hold still. He will try on shoes with daddy, or hide in clothing racks, or run up and down grocery store aisles. He tries my patience and I apologize to store people A LOT but mostly they just smile.

Two of his new favorites this year: BB8 and anteaters. Found the shirt at a thrift store for $4!

These two pictures sum up this kid. If he finds something he's not supposed to play with, he will use it in a way he really shouldn't. Mascara on his face, crayons on the wall, you get the picture. Also, he spent all winter in shorts with his sleeves rolled up. 

Helper boy.

He is so creative and I love seeing how his mind works! Stacking animals and making dinosaurs hang from the baby gate!

Pure joy!

Loves helping with laundry. 

His creativity and personality are so different from mine but it makes life so fun!

Sugar fiend. Seriously!

This picture is hanging on our wall. I love him!

He has learned and absorbed SO MUCH this last year. Sunbeams and soccer have been so good for him!

Loves going on bike rides!

Such focus!

"Mom! Can you help me?"

He has come so far in his willingness to swim!

King of goofy poses!

Another personality trait: if he is focused on something he WILL NOT smile!

Will sleeping kid pictures ever get old?!?!

He did two different soccer classes this year!

More personality: hates loud noises! Plugs his ears for fireworks

Best big brother! Luke thinks he is so fun and tries to copy pretty much everything Mason does!

Birthday celebrations! Zoo with Uncle Cam, a Mickey Mouse shaped cake (that I ruined because I read the recipe wrong), swimming with Grandma and Grandpa, park fun! He loves his baseball and glove and carries them around often! He also got a Mickey Mouse roadster racer RC Car and I think that has been his favorite present. He drives it around, and then whenever we go somewhere he wants to bring it in the car. 

 Boy do we love this kid!! He will get in silly positions and ask me to take his "piscure" <3 p="">