Monday, May 22, 2017

Salinas Valley Fair 2017

My parents just bought a new house in King City, CA, so I decided to take the boys down to visit! It just so happened that the Salinas Valley Fair was in town! Totally not a coincidence. It's a fun little fair! We invited Katie and her girls to come too and we had a fun little party!

The boys LOVE their sunglasses! On the way down we stopped for lunch at Samantha's! It's so fun to play with her kids! (My boys were already buckled when we took the picture.)

We got to my parents, got settled, had dinner, and then Mom and I walked to the park and let the boys play for a few minutes. It was windy and pretty chilly that evening!

Mason picked flowers for Aunt Jenny :)

Bubble bath time!

Katie got there the next day with her kids, and the next morning before Mollie woke up, Luke, Mason and Claire watched Mickey Mouse.

Fair time! We saw the animals, played and ate, rode ponies (Mason and Luke's first times!), went through the petting zoo, and then Claire and Mason got to ride rides!! They had no fun whatsoever ;) OMG they were in heaven!! After rides we played some more, got more snacks, and headed home! We had some tired kids!
We saw the animals first. This is pre-exhaustion...

First taste of calamari! Exhaustion is kicking in...

This is literally the only pic of Mason smiling on the pony. He wasn't a huge fan. 
Luke on the other hand was a natural!! He loved it!

Mason actually pet the animals this year! Last year Sean had to carry him the whole time.
And, no surprise, Luke loved every second of it. He tried to catch that chicken numerous times.

First ride! I love the second picture with Mason looking back at Claire!

These cuties LOVED the ferris wheel!

Last two rides. They seriously had the best time!

This kid was so jealous he couldn't ride!

Giant bubble wands. Claire was a natural!

Mason brought me these things he made. I think he said weights and a sun or something like that!

Mollie!! I love her. And how cute are those little artichokes!

He was SO tired

Fruit Loop buddies

Katie and her girls left that night, and my boys and I left the next morning to get back for Mason's last soccer class and a birthday party! A short but really fun trip! So glad we could make the trip!

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  1. Oh, my GOSH, that picture of Luke on the pony is life. SO CUUTE!! I'll be at my parents from July 11th-August 13th! You should come to Morro Bay so we can play!